Reflection: Erica Soo Li Xuan

Pre-camp (25 May, Monday)

What sounds interesting about this project?

We can design our own water tower. We can also learn why different designs hold different weights, and understand the science behind it all.

What do you think you can learn from this project?

I can learn which design is most effective for a water tower. I can also learn more about the science behind the design of water towers.

Any immediate questions regarding the project?

What design works best for water towers?
Why are water towers designed the way they are?
What is the science behind the design of water towers?

First Day (26 May, Tuesday)

What did you do today?

We were given three Balsa wood sticks, one base plate, glue, rulers, a protractor, a pencil, a sharpener, two triangle rulers, sandpaper, and a cutter knife. We were then tasked to design and build a water tower with the materials provided. After building the tower, if it could hold a 2kg weight, we were given another piece of wood to improve it.

What did you learn today?

Even though the design may look like it is unable to hold much weight, it might be able to hold a lot of weight. 

How do you feel about today’s activities?

We were able to build a tower even though we had limited materials and did not  meet the height limit. With some team brainstorming, we were able to come up with a way to meet the height limit and strengthen the tower enough to hold the 2kg needed to get the bonus wood. I feel proud of our water tower, as it had looked like it would not hold much weight at the beginning, but it was able to hold multiple weights when we finished it.

Second Day (27 May, Wednesday)

  • What did you do today?

We made slides on our experience during the Water tower competition for the presentation. After the presentation, the best presentation group will be chosen to present at the closing ceremony the next day.

  • What did you learn today?

Even if you fail at the beginning, you can still win in the end.

  • How do you feel about today’s activities?

This showed us that the design of the structure is important when building. 
In the event that we need to build a model of a structure, the skills from this competition will come in handy

  • What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?
What affects the stability of the structure?

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